Aging gracefully

IMG_3796Whenever I see a flower and look carefully at it, noticing the brilliance and depth of the color deep in the center I think of a woman’s beauty. The superficial trappings of the world we live in, especially in our culture with all the beauty magazines everywhere, the “reality” shows, the celebrities and the media…keeps us imprisoned in how we are “suppose to look” that is considered beautiful.  It is dangerous to our self-esteem. It takes away from our uniqueness and worthiness if we are not careful. I mean how could we ever keep up with all the actresses, celebrities, artists and pop stars looking so called “perfect”? It makes us seem like we have a lot of work to do just to be beautiful never the less maintain that ageless beauty.  We live in a culture that frowns upon wrinkles, cellulite, fat, thin lips, gray hair, varicose veins, small breasts, droopy breasts, small tushies and large labia. Yes, I said labia. Labia surgery is the latest thing now so you can make your vagina look like a prepubescent teen. It’s crazy how our culture and the world we live in supports the young and doesn’t give props and respect to the older or elderly. In other cultures, such as Native American Indian or even in some countries in Europe, being an elder is a wonderful thing, You are looked up to for your wisdom and compassion. It’s a compliment if someone says, “Hi, you are looking old today.” Can you imagine if someone said that to you? We would all be offended, myself included. I have already calmed my anxiety about aging, knowing I can get “work” done if need be in the future. It’s terrible. How do we age gracefully then? One thing is for starters, as women we must support each other. In the highest truth, we are all sisters and we need to stop judging and being competitive and petty with one another. We are all beautiful in our own special ways, and we need to start or continue to lift each other up.  And if you are with a man or partner that doesn’t acknowledge your beauty, your real inner true beauty, then find someone else who does. A woman’s beauty comes from within. It is her strength, her compassion, her kindness, her nurturing, her love and her heart that is her true beauty. Defining yourself or even attaching too much attention to the body or the “shell” is a set up for disappointment and feeling bad about yourself. The “shell” or the body inevitably will change and grow older. There is no stopping that.  Be the love, the light and the grace that you already are within your heart and then radiate your beauty and your light out into the world. Be you, be beautiful you! gibran quote

Walking in Faith

slideshow09It’s hard to have faith when everything is uncertain. But that is the way faith is grown. You don’t need faith when everything is fine, going your way. That’s not when faith is needed. Faith is something we might not be able to see or feel or smell or touch, but somewhere in the depths of our being it calls to us. It gets you off the floor when all you want to do is lie down and die, it get you to that yoga class that you know somehow you need, it pushes you gently to keep going, no matter how hard life gets, no matter what your circumstances may be, it is the voice that says, don’t give up, you can do it, help is on the way, just please don’t give up. I know your tired and I know your scared but walk, walk with me, take one day at a time, one step at a time, one breath at a time, it will be ok. Faith is what puts the smile back on your face and in your heart. Faith bring out the best in us, our human spirit of perseverance and steadfast strength. Faith is knowing that no matter how bad things may seem or how awful or depressed you may feel, spring still comes, flowers still bloom, babies are still born and people still fall in love and marry.  Faith is knowing the sun will still come up in the morning and angels will lie down with you when you rest at night.

Faith brings the right people into your life at the right time, because God brings you nothing but angels.


Listening to your body, the most accurate instrument you have

stef1234I recently experienced a minor set back in my physical fitness. I found out last fall I have a pretty good tear in the meniscus in my knee.  Last summer I got the intuitive hit or message from my higher self that I need to do more strength training for my body, especially my legs and hips. I ignored that message and thought I could just continue with my running bare foot on the beach and do my intense yoga poses and not suffer the consequences. But my body told me different. With each injury or even illness or disease we experience  there is usually a lesson to be learned. The key is we have to be paying attention. Simple but powerful advice for anything in life…”Pay attention.”

Remember each day we wake up we are different, constantly regenerating. There is nothing stagnant about what’s going on inside your body. Billions of cells die every day and billions more are created. All without your will. Amazing!

It’s important to keep in perspective that even though we have this amazing body, it’s not who we are at our core. It’s something we have, it’s not who we are and it does not define us. Being in a physical body is a gift. Our body is the vehicle or vessel through which our soul expresses our individual divine imprint on the earth. It’s the vehicle that allows your soul to shine.

When you are in tune with your body, your life is smooth and harmonious. Your body is a finely tuned instrument that can guide you to the choices for your highest good when you are in sync with it, from exercise to rest to nutrition and pretty much everything. It’s amazing if you think about it, we came from the union of an egg and a sperm. We are pretty miraculous. Let’s start treating ourselves like the miracle we are. Namaste!



The Healing Power of Yoga


The word Yoga comes from the classical language of Sanskrit which is from India.  Yoga literally means to “yoke;” or to integrate, join, unite.  I believe yoga can have a different meaning for each person.  What yoga means to me is freedom.  Yoga saved my life.  I was heading down the path of self destruction.  I was a deeply wounded angry woman and single mother,  living in a state of chronic stress.  It wasn’t until my body broke down that I started to take my life and my healing seriously.  The health benefits of yoga are enormous.  Besides giving me my body and my health back by being able to walk and function again with no pain, the yoga poses helped with my depression and anxiety.  In combination with the philosophy and spiritual aspect of yoga it was the fast track to healing.  That was 14 years ago and I’m not going to lie…it wasn’t easy.  It was a roller coaster ride and with the amount of ups I had, I had twice as many downs.  I wouldn’t change it for the world though.  It has given me inner strength, wisdom and compassion that I would not have today.   I am a new person.  I have completely transformed my life and have an abundance of love, health, joy, peace and prosperity in my life now. I have beautiful loving relationships and I am living my divine purpose.  It is not easy to change.  We resist change, but it’s key to know that it’s our ego that doesn’t like change and our ego is not who we are.  We are a soul.  A soul that is infinite and eternal.  Our soul, who we are at our core, is for expansion, creation, sharing our gifts, being happy on the inside and out.  Our soul wants us to be in our natural state of being, which is perfect health, abundant, joyful, peaceful and free…living your truth….not anyone elses’.  Getting out of my head and living in my heart and from my truth is what yoga has given me.  It has healed my life, physically, mentally and emotionally,  and now I am in the position to help and heal others…my true purpose for this lifetime. I don’t think it gets any better than that!  Why not make your New Years Resolution more meaningful than a temporary change.  Why not make a commitment to yourself to do whatever it takes to be happy from the inside out and to live from the dream that’s hidden in your heart.  It is possible. Anything is possible.

Ignite Your Soul Fire! 

“Faith is the ability to see the Invisible; To believe in the Incredible; That will enable you to receive what the masses say is Impossible.”
-Clarence Smithison

Embrace the fire.

In yoga there are a set of guidelines for living in a harmonious, peaceful and truthful way with yourself, others and the environment.  They are called the yamas and niyamas. There are ten. Today I am focusing on the Niyama, Tapas, which loosely translates to transformation. It is the burning away of all that is holding you back, limiting you from being and living from your ultimate truth and potential. Most of the time it is our limiting thoughts and beliefs, our “story”  we have about ourselves that hold us back.  The tapas or spiritual fire is a clearing and renewal, and is a necessary part of our evolution as spiritual beings. There are many ways to purify ourselves and our thoughts and minds.  Yoga practice is one way that is very effective and efficient.  Looking at nature we can take example from the giant sequoia tree, one of the oldest trees on the planet averaging 3,500 years old. The secret to the longevity of the sequoia is the elemental power of fire. Periodic forest fires clear away everything that threatens the trees survival while ensuring their growth and regeneration. giant_sequoia4Without the fires’ heat, the sequoia cones couldn’t open and release their seeds.  Without the clearing force of fire sequoia seedlings would be overcrowded by competing shade trees and not have enough sunlight to grow.  In our own life usually looking back we can see how a perceived failure or our dreams going up in flames brought us to another phase in our life more wonderful than which we could have ever imagined.  When you are in the pit of the “fire” remember that the adversity is an opportunity to grow, to transform by letting go of the old habitual thought patterns, and to embrace more fully your innate talents and creativity. A gift resides in every moment. Let it burn!

Robert Moses Beach, my magical sanctuary

When I need peace of mind, a sanctuary and illumination I escape to Robert Moses Beach.  It’s a 20 minute drive but so worth it.  It’s my regular 3 times a week thing. Just driving over those 3 bridges is cathartic.  A few weeks ago I was really struggling with a deep hurt in my heart. As I was driving over the bridges I could actually feel the sadness leaving my heart and felt myself being filled up with this feeling of “okness” then happiness then complete joy. By magical mosesthe time I got over the third bridge I was singing and dancing in my car! It was so amazing that it happened so fast. I have heard that when your sadness or negative emotions leave you and you are filled with peace and joy that means your angels are there with you. As I was thinking those thoughts I looked up with so much love and gratitude in my heart and said “thank you Angels.”  Next thing I know a car drives past me with a license plate that says, “my angel.”  You can’t make this stuff up!  We are always surrounded by love and support, sometimes you just need to let go and tune in.

Believe in angels. Namaste.